Sample epigrams (Mother Spirit)



“For I too have a heart that feels, and the love of my children is a glow that illuminates
this whole corner of the galaxy. If you could only see it, it puts the stars to shame.” —Mother Spirit

I Am a River of Spirit

My beloved children, this is your Mother Spirit. Just relax awhile and drift along in me. This is me all around you like a warm buoyant sea, like the river of life pouring from our Father. I too am a river, a river of spirit pouring from the Infinite Spirit*. You rightly know me as the Holy Spirit, for all the rivers flowing out from the deities form a great living circle flowing back to them. The Infinite Spirit is—if you will—my parent, a mother to me; it is her connective force that is holding universes together. I funnel her supreme intelligence, her cosmic mind*, directly down to you and that gives you your inner connection with your lives.

I Am Your Sister and Mother

My children, as your spiritual mother, Nebadonia, I am your sister too, as Michael is your brother. You can think of my affection for you as sisterly as well as motherly, as I feel myself to be so much a part of you and your lives. I feel myself walking alongside you and enjoying your company, and so I am really delighted now that you are beginning to feel my presence. This is the way it is, not only with fathers and mothers and their children, but with siblings—brothers and sisters. We just enjoy each other’s company.

Relax with Me

Just relax and let my presence swell in your minds. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Remember I am all around you—spatially. You can best feel me by relaxing your attention and letting it turn everywhere outward. This kind of tingling, cushion-soft pressure, this fundamental consciousness of being conscious and alive: This is me. I am with you, right in your bodies and permeating all this inner space you feel as your mind.

I Am All About You

It always warms my heart so greatly when you realize how directly I can feel your hearts beating right within me. I remind you: I am all about you. I surround you and support you and sustain you, as you say, 24/7. And I will always be here with you until that far, far, distant day when Michael and I bid you a fond farewell and send you off into the galaxy. But even then we will follow your progress with a parent’s pride in our offspring, and we will accompany you as we have been accompanying our other children bound for Paradise* these many billions of years.

Your Absolute Reality

It is not for nothing we say that you are already part of the divine Deity Absolute*. Though just beginning, just starting out, you partake of absolute reality in the very fact of your existence. You are this persistent, evolving cosmic reality. And in this sense, the oh-so-fleeting and ephemeral-seeming experiences you have will outlast, in your soul, the planet you are walking around on, even the sun you see coming up in the morning. Ironically, Urantia and its sun will live on in you long after they have ceased to exist themselves.

We Await Your Prayers

There is what you might call a principle of privacy within the spiritual realm. Spirit beings do not go where they are not invited. This means that we self-limit ourselves to your choosing through the dignity of your will. This is why prayer is necessary if you wish our help. You have to sincerely ask for our help before we can assist you . . . What you are experiencing day to day is unique in all creation. Share it with us. Offer us your prayers. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Otherwise we cannot help you in quite this way. If you do not ask for help, my children, we must assume you wish to try this particular part of your adventure by yourself. This is your life and we will not intrude upon it. So ask us for help, especially for those of your fellows whom you know need it most desperately.

We See You As Whole

Well, my very dear, multifaceted, multi-element beings, I’m happy to have you as my children. Michael and I are blessed to see you whole, to see you in your completeness moment by moment, to see the enormity of your souls and the glory of your achievements as a very unique nodule of experience that God created, blessed with self-awareness, and then doubly blessed at times with self-forgetfulness.

Strive for Nonduality

I’ve always enjoyed that saying of a Japanese painter, who when asked how he achieved such great art, simply replied that he practiced painting bamboo for many years until he finally became the bamboo, and let it paint itself. Or the archer who suggested you let the arrow release itself. Interesting, is it not, feeling for that demarcation between in-here and out-there, between you, your hand, and the brush or the arrow?

Watch for Chance and the Unpredictable

Because you are this living creature suspended between the infinitesimal and the infinite, because there are so many personal beings with their own creativity involved in this living soup that you are swimming around in, and because your present knowledge and wisdom are still a small part of what is happening: because of these things, there is truly, from a human standpoint, a random factor. We call this the Unqualified Absolute*, an absolute reality that impacts you as chance, as a certain unpredictability that is part of everything you encounter and create.

Experience All Your Dimensions

Cultivate the ability to relive moments of your past. Let them be present once again.  Once again, experience all those hundred and one possibilities coming in from all the dimensions of your life. Feel again for the decisions that you had to make to create the one thing that did happen out of all those possibilities. For if you lose touch with how complex certain times in the past were for you, and what was involved in those decisions, they cannot help you now in the decisions you have to make today.

Let Go and Find Us

We encourage you to pay the price of letting go part of your ordinary life, your familiar routines, your usual activities. Let these go so we can find each other here inside. We are always here, my children, and it is our greatest delight when you are able to recognize this. So practice your stillness. Let it be a growing, deepening thing in your life. Use it. Use it to find us, and once finding us, use us too. This too is our delight.

See Clearly In The Moment

You don’t have to try to see God in a flower. Just see the flower. The more you see that flower, the more you appreciate its uniqueness in its moment-to-moment existence there in front of you, and the more you are with us and with your Father.

We Are of One Family

Michael’s wonderful gospel is the good news of the family of the children of God. That gospel is: the greatest value that your soul can contain are your brothers and sisters with whom you share your life. Every single one of them is a small, time-and-space-encapsulated, soulful infinity. While it is true that every stone, every plant, every tree, every bird, every thing bears the hallmark of God’s creativity in being somewhat unique, when you make that enormous leap to considering a personal being, a unique personality created directly by our Universal Father, don’t be surprised when once again your value meter goes off the scale.

Our Celestial Family

You have us, your immediate Spirit Mother and Father, and you share with us the Universal Father of all creation, a fragment* of whose being lives in your mind and writes the experiences of your personality as your soul. You have a guardian angel, an experienced seraphim who has volunteered and gone through a rigorous training to accompany you through life and to create and maintain an epiphany of this life you are living. And now, since the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion* and the lifting of the spiritual quarantine* that Urantia has been cocooned in for some two hundred thousand years now, you also have access to volunteer celestial beings. They are ascendant mortals and other orders of spiritual beings who have volunteered to come to Urantia expressly to share their lives with you, and with whom you can share your life. But, because none of us of in your celestial family will initiate this contact and intrude upon your life beyond your invitations, you have to initiate the contact. You have to welcome us into your life so this contact can be conscious to you.

Our Open Family Secret

Though you can intellectually think of reality as a single happening, which it is, only God himself fully experiences it as such. For we lesser beings it is a highly complex, I should say, an infinitely complex happening. This single reality includes millions of galaxies, trillions of inhabited worlds, each with their billions of human-level beings, and then a whole hierarchy of personal beings forming an unbroken chain between them and God, their Father. This is all actually happening right now. But I too must confess: this is part of the Big Plan. This is partly God himself teasing all of us, every last personal being out here in time and space, with constantly encountering so much more than what any of us could ever dream of. I don’t believe I’m giving anything away here, my children, for as much as you come to anticipate the enormous outburst of glory from our Father, still you will not be able to dissemble your surprise upon encountering it. For in all of God’s handiwork there is a touch of the infinite. This is the open family secret, if you will, that awaits everyone.

 Regard Your Children with Wonder

With respect to your daughters, my son, approach them with wonder, with freshness. Look to see who they are each time. Listen to what they have to say each time. And I think you will see, and you will hear, how lightly, lightly you should go. They’re tough—and they’re fragile. They’re tenacious—and they fall all apart. Just enjoy them and your heart will lead the way. Don’t be afraid to let them know how much you love them. And don’t be afraid of how much they love you.

Intention Is Crucial

In the realm of spirit, intention is almost everything. Some of your ancient human religious texts recognize this by saying “The intention is yours, the results are God’s.” This is so important because you cannot see the full consequences of your actions. But if your intent to love is great, if you deeply and thoroughly and passionately desire to help this friend, this child, this parent, even this total stranger in front of you, this is a reality, my children. And there is also in this other person a spiritual presence receptive to your intention. They may or may not be open to this, but your own openness in this situation, your receiving their full spiritual reality without judgment or prejudice—it is this attitude on your part that invites them to do the same.

The Truth of Your Indwelling Spirit

Keep in mind that your Thought Adjuster* gets this name because he makes suggestions that appear as your very thoughts, right along with your own, and these can be recognized from time to time by their startling appropriateness. Another valid name for your Thought Adjuster is the Mystery Monitor, for this is a two-way communication. This communication is not only the wisdom and insight of God using this fragment of himself as a means to suggest thoughts which you are at liberty to incorporate or refuse; it’s also the way by which God experiences everything you do. Only, of course his experience of you is so much more enormous than your experience of yourself, in other words, your self-consciousness. Trust that the difficulty you have in understanding the exact part your Thought Adjuster plays in your life is because he is so close to you. He has been so much a part of the life you’ve known since you were self- conscious. Never doubt that this Mystery Monitor, this pure fragment of God, does himself experience everything you do, and he is making a journal of it. And then, finally, remember too what you already know fully with your intellect, and are beginning to feel with your heart: someday you two will be one.

Each Moment Is Unique and Complete

You are complete moment to moment. All the past—as complex and profound as you can think of it in terms of karma—all the cause-and-effect, plus all the uniqueness of all those individual days: everything led to now and is completed in now. And because, even now, there is yet something else happening—we’ve called that God’s continuous creation. It’s like the icing on a cake. God takes all that has been without losing a whit of it all, and adds to it. And so each moment is complete in its uniqueness. It is fulfilled. It is like no other. And yet here comes another moment, another healthy dollop of God’s creativity, and it’s all changed.

God “Bends” To You

As you get to know God and his ways, he responds to you. And, you can experience this as God’s immutable ways actually bending; the whole universe is bending to you. And this is subjectively true! It is not so much God bending his immutable wisdom, and absoluteness, and finality of action. It is just you discovering his love. It is just you more deeply experiencing the living, responsive aspect of his reality.

Your Ultimate Destiny

That day will come when you will have undergone a transformation toward perfection that is enormously inconceivable for you now. I know you trust that this is not in any way, shape, or form a put-down to say: you cannot begin to imagine the kind of beings you will become when you have not thousands, but millions of years of experience behind you on thousands of different worlds, architectural spheres* and natural planets at every stage of development. Someday you will be on Paradise*, face to face with your Father.