Awakening the Universal Human
by Honoring the Divine Feminine

With Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard
Series host: Byron Belitsos

Video and audio recording available soon!

Inaugural Evolving Souls podcast! • 75-minute show via Zoom video • Sunday, August 20, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

This special podcast picks up the thread of a newly initiated dialogue between the Urantia community and renowned futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. This relationship of mutual understanding began at the International Urantia Conference in Denver (July 19-22 2017), where Barbara gave a remarkable keynote speech. In her plenary talk (pictured to the right), Barbara acknowledged the affinities between her views about conscious evolution and the teachings of The Urantia Book (or UB).

In this program, Barbara and Byron will discuss the sublime presence of the Divine Feminine—or what might be called the unified field of evolutionary love. In Urantia cosmology, our Mother’s divine presence and her life force infuse all forms of cosmic evolution. In fact, she fosters and unifies evolution at all levels and in all worlds through the power of her all-encompassing love. In the UB’s theology, the Divine Mother is known as the Deity consort of Christ; the two are understood as fully equal divine partners.

Byron and Barbara will also honor the August 21 date of the birth of Jesus according to the Urantia Book’s calendar. (According to the UB’s chronology, “Christmas” actually occurred on August 21, 7 B.C.) Christians and Urantians believe that Christmas marks the incarnation of Christ on Earth, but Urantians especially understand that the Mother is always-already incarnate on Earth from its very origins, and her “unified field” grows as we evolve toward universal love. As Barbara would put it, at such higher stages of human evolution we will witness the emergence of a more advanced human species called Homo Universalis.

This discussion will highlight questions such as:

  • How can we foster the growth of the unified field of love that is often associated with the divine feminine?

  • How will this growth support the emergence of a new species of humankind, the Homo Universalis?

  • What are key areas of wisdom associated with the Urantia Revelation, and how does its version of practical spirituality relate to today’s evolutionary spirituality?