Quick Summary–Urantia Book


A Busy Person’s Summary
of the Urantia Revelation

Philosophy: Harmonizes science, philosophy, and spirituality
through the synthesizing insights of revelation

Theology: God is a loving “parent” whose affection for us
far surpasses human understanding; God’s justice, love, and mercy
are portrayed, in perfection, in the divine Trinity’s varied manifestations

Cosmology: We live in a near-infinite but evolving universe containing billions of
inhabited worlds similar to “Urantia” (the universe name of planet Earth);
the universe has a “center” or “mother universe” that is the source of all things

Angels: The divine plan provides for spiritual ministry to us
through a dazzling array of celestial personalities; the Urantia Revelation
vastly expands our knowledge of the angelic host and higher spirits

Jesus Christ: The text purports to provide the angelic record of Jesus’s life, including
the missing years and innumerable missing teachings over nearly 700 pages
and reveals that Christ also has a co-equal divine consort named “Mother Spirit.”

History: Fills in missing gaps in evolution of life on earth, the pre-history
of civilization, the story of divine visitations, and the history of races of humankind

Afterlife: After death, we continue our ascent until, in the far-distant
future, our perfected souls find God in person on “Paradise”; and there’s more

Spirituality: Balanced living, a life of service, ever-deeping spiritual experience,
and doing the “will of God” lead to God-consciousness and true happiness