About Us


One of the best-kept secrets of our time is the purported epochal revelation known as The Urantia Book, an underground masterwork whose authorship is attributed to celestial beings. It was first published in 1955 and has since sold over a million copies worldwide in 17 languages.


Founded in 2012 and led by Byron Belitsos, Evolving Souls is an independent learning community devoted to the study and practice of these unique teachings about cosmic spirituality—but in the very broadest sense. We intend to build an enlightened community in accord with the ideals of liberal education: holistic, integrally informed, tolerant, and able to powerfully catalyze sustainable and creative endeavors in social and spiritual transformation.

Experience the heart of cosmic spirituality with our
books, videos, teleseminars, and conferences.


Evolving Souls is in the process of being incorporated as a 501c3 educational nonprofit organization, at which point it will receive the donated assets of Origin Press. Origin Press (OriginPress.org) is a multiple award-winning book publishing house founded in 1996, which often publishes titles related to the Urantia Revelation. Its most recent title is Your Evolving Soul: The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation.

In 2014 we convened of our first educational conference, “Evolutionary Revelation: A Journey into the Urantia Book and Beyond” (held in Marin County, CA). It featured 12 expert speakers, and videos of talks and panels held during this two-day event are  available on our YouTube channel, Evolving Souls Community.