The Book

A Brief Introduction to The Adventure of Being Human
(This book is the first of a series. See the sequel here)


We have two chief purposes for publishing The Adventure of Being Human:

1.) The first is to amplify the core spiritual teachings of The Urantia Book, a challenging and unprecedented revelatory text first published in 1955.

2.) The second is to introduce the two central deity-personalities of the Urantia revelation, affectionately known to us as “Mother Spirit” (or simply “Mother”) and “Christ Michael” (or “Michael).” The figure of Michael as he is depicted in the Urantia Revelation is known to history as the human Jesus Christ. The figure of Mother has made her appearance to us as the “divine Mother” of almost every world religion, known by such names as Mother Mary (Christianity), Shakti (Hinduism) or Kuan Yin (Taoism). As taught in the Urantia text, Michael and Mother are our “universe parents”— in fact, Mother is the heavenly consort and the equal deity-partner of Michael.

In short, The Urantia Book  reveals that the divine figure of Christ has a coequal feminine complement—and we are the evolving children of this sublime divine couple.

Technically speaking, this exalted pair are our local universe parents in that they are the creators of our local universe (i.e., the “local” section of our Milky Way galaxy) of several million inhabited worlds—one of which is our planet, “Urantia.” (A more detailed discussion of this theology and cosmology is provided in Appendix A.) Being the creators and upholders of their local universe and all of its living beings, Michael and Mother also maintain, by virtue of their divine omniscience, loving and intimate contact with their sons and daughters—you and I. This love and watchcare is reflected in their directly transmitted teachings about soulful living as recorded in The Adventure of Being Human.[button_link url=”″ target=”blank”]Order from Amazon[/button_link]   [button_link url=”–mother-spirit-speaks-products-9781579830359.php?page_id=21″ target=”blank”]Order from Publisher[/button_link]

The Adventure of Being Human Is a Secondary Work
Based on the Urantia Revelation

What, then, is the Urantia Revelation? Purported to be a modern revelation to humankind, The Urantia Book comes across at first glance as a two-thousand-page futuristic encyclopedia of spirituality, history, philosophy, science, and religion. Indeed, for thousands of people worldwide, it has become an indispensable philosophic and cosmic reference text. But most of us love the Urantia revelation for another reason: its profound teachings on spiritual living. Followers of Jesus are especially attracted by the book’s seven-hundred page narration of his life and its deeper and more philosophical presentation of his gospel. In addition, teachings spread out among the book’s 2,096 pages greatly augment our understanding of ethics, health, happiness, love, service, forgiveness, mercy, friendship, marriage, and spirituality—topics that Michael and Mother further discuss with elegance in The Adventure of Being Human.

Among many other teachings, the Urantia Revelation provides a greatly expanded understanding of our human adventure on this planet, and in fact provides a novel definition of what it means to be human against the backdrop of its vastly expanded cosmology. The Adventure of Being Human is designed to be a friendly, warm, and interactive extension of this same quest for a better understanding of our humanity. After all, what better way to appreciate ourselves than from the standpoint of the very divine beings who created us? This book purports to provide teachings about being human, offered directly from their cosmic point of view, inclusive of Christ Michael’s experience of living on Earth as one of us.


The Teaching Mission: A Practical Supplement to The Urantia Book

Welcome, then, to the best lessons and most memorable passages from the first year of a long series of phenomenal transmissions from our Universe Parents—the delightful and highly personal divine beings and literal creators of our Local Universe with its trillions of personal beings. In so doing, this book presents a new kind of anthropology of humankind and a novel guide to daily living on our unique planet. We’ve picked the best of these live sessions, which usually alternated each week between Michael and Mother Spirit.

Another mission of this book is to introduce the unique Urantian cosmology as well as the new revelatory phenomenon known as the Teaching Mission, of which our work is a small part. This unique celestial mission offers a vast amount of transmitted teachings that are based on and supplemental to The Urantia Book, transcribed materials similar in content and format to the teachings published in this volume. (The so-called Teaching Mission transcripts, over 4,000 in number and running into 30,000 total pages, are accessible at archival sites online—see Appendix C). In addition, the last section of this book provides transmissions related to the extremely important extension of the Teaching Mission known as the Magisterial Mission, which is introduced in more detail in Appendix D.

Finally, we provide a personal prologue as well as an Afterword written by the transmitter-receiver of these unique teachings, Jerry Lane of Mill Valley, California. These transmissions have taken place in public sessions held in Jerry’s living room for many years, and still continue. (The entirety of raw transcripts of these transmissions is available online, as explained in the Resources section.) Please note also that a glossary of terms and other background material is provided at the end of this volume. All that said, we hope you enjoy the startling new teachings that follow and hope that they enhance the soulfulness of your human adventure.

Byron Belitsos 
San Rafael, California