Eden-Atlantis Essay PDF
The PDF posted just above examines the exciting discoveries that have been made since the historic 2004 and 2006 underwater expeditions to the eastern Mediterranean sea, near Cyprus. These expeditions were initiated by long-time Urantia Book reader Robert Sarmast to determine what remains of the First Garden of Eden, now sunk one mile below the surface. (The second of these two marine archeology expeditions was funded and later broadcast by the History Channel as the inaugural program of its “Digging for the Truth” series in 2007.) By combining data from these efforts with that of two earlier expeditions by Russia and France, tantalizing images of remaining artifacts in First Eden (as described in The Urantia Book) have emerged. A third expedition may now be warranted. I have partnered with this essays author, Commodore Robert Bates, in the launch of the Eden-Atlantis Project which has that very objective. Stay tuned for more updates.