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Soul-Making Dynamics:
Evolutionary and Revelatory Perspectives on the Human Soul
by Byron Belitsos

A 28-page white paper on soul evolution, first presented
at the Integral Theory Conference, July 2015, Sonoma, CA

DOWNLOAD: Soul-MakingDynamics-PDF

A New Model of Soul Evolution
The “Sacred Trinity” and the Evolving Soul
Traditional Theories of Soul and Spirit, East and West
Integral Theory and “Perspectives” on Soul and Spirit
The Urantia Book and the Immortalizing Soul
Contribution of NDE Study to a Theory of the Soul
The Human Soul as the Determining Factor in Cosmic Evolution

I was known as an audacious child—and prone to freak accidents. I had one such accident on a hot and humid summer day at our neighborhood pool in suburban Cincinnati. This strange event changed my life, but it took place in all of ten seconds or even less. I was just clowning around like any kid should, and thinking I was jumping into the kid’s end of the pool, I instead jumped into the deep end. I was just eight years old and not a swimmer. I had expected to gently hit the bottom of the pool, but was so startled by the unexpected depth of the water that I began to panic. Instead of four feet of water I had encountered ten feet. For a very frightful moment I was suspended underwater, frantically struggling and churning to get my bearings. Time suddenly slowed down as I entered total panic, about to drown; but before I could take a gulp of water, I was very suddenly pulled free by a vigilant lifeguard. In that same moment, I had a stark near-death experience. I saw my short life pass before me in a complete review: scenes of parents, siblings, school chums, teachers, animals, my bedroom, riding my bike—an explosion of distinct images of encounters with each important person or thing in my young world. And each scene that paraded through had an aura of truth and light around it.
The feeling associated with this instantaneous experience was rapturous . . . Soul-MakingDynamics-PDF.