Friends, I edited this important essay by a friend named Geoff Taylor. It covers 31 scientific predictions or very specific scientific assertions found in the UB. The intent is to see whether the book’s science is getting closer to today’s science, or perhaps whether the two are diverging over time. What Geoff found, as you will see below in the attached PDF, is that 20 percent more of the UB’s predictions or assertions can now moved out of disagreement with today’s science than were the case in 1987. (That’s when this essay was first written and coauthored with physicist Irwin Ginsburgh PhD). In other words, more of these 31 items have moved since 1987 into a category of either agreement with or plausibility to the current thinking of scientists today. This is an eye-opening finding.

Here’s how the essay starts, and below that excerpt is the PDF attachment:

As a younger man, I had dismissed mainstream Christianity and the bible as unscientific and contradictory. I would have ignored The Urantia Book (UB) if not for the fact that a well-respected person like Dr. Irwin Ginsburgh (a PhD physicist with 45 patents) had introduced it me to it with enthusiasm in 1985. (By contrast, I am a practicing engineer and I only have 26 patents.) But reading the UB soon led me to rethink my life’s purpose. Before long, its cosmology and science seemed plausible and the internal consistency of its teachings began to amaze me. Two years later (in 1987) I was on board . . .

Scientific Assertions & Predictions of UB