Some Basic Tenets of the Urantia Revelation

The Universe:
The cosmos teems with billions of inhabited worlds similar to “Urantia” (i.e., planet Earth).

Evolve the soul by your decisions; a fragment of God indwells and guides each of us.

Pursue a life devoted to truth, beauty, and goodness—which are unified as love.

God directly loves us each, like a “parent”—God is absolute, yet “evolves” with us.

After death, we grow to perfection as we !ascend through multiple heavenly spheres

Missing gaps in pre-history are filled in, including a catastrophic angelic rebellion.

Humankind should declare itself “sovereign” and create democratic federal world government.

The missing years and missing teachings !are narrated in unprecedented detail

Basic Facts about the Urantia Revelation

• Received in Chicago 1922–1943; first published in 1955
• Claims to be written by a corps of superhuman beings
• Over 30 printings; 600,000 sold in English
• 196 “papers”; 2097 pages; four parts
• Declared “public domain” by federal courts in 2005
• Translated into 10 languages