Sample Lesson from Christ Michael

Opening to the Spirit of Truth

Teacher: Christ Michael

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, how we do treasure these visits. We look forward to them each week. We thank you for explaining certain spiritual truths that come across to us as ironic, as when we take up our life more and more in the present, we are less driven by the past or tempted to sell out our own futures. Then as we practice spiritual detachment from our bodies and our mental processes, we can actually perceive them more distinctly and clearly, and are able to commit ourselves more fully and unselfconsciously to what we are doing. So we thank you for these discoveries. Amen.

Michael: My dear children, good evening. This is Michael. To begin, Mother Nebadonia wishes you to relax and feel her Adjutant of Worship* as it helps give you a thankfulness for all our Father’s great creation.

And, just as her Adjutant of Wisdom* also helps you use all you have learned so far in your lives, and apply it to the present moment, so too would I like you to consider how my Spirit of Truth impacts your lives. This is a presence of mind that—very much like Mother Spirit’s presence throughout our local universe—resides here independently of my own coming and going. As a result, you can consider my Spirit of Truth to be a very stalwart and faithful guide. That’s why I ask you to feel for me in your heart, which means not only your physical heart, but more extensively in your whole realm of feeling as contra-distinct from thinking.

We gave a lesson a while ago on the different dimensions of feeling and how so much of your thinking is based on feeling and simply articulating your feelings to one another. One dimension of feeling is associated with the intuition that emanates from your superconsciousness—the overriding field of consciousness itself. These intuitions are not something you are aware of and have control over; they originate from a broader field that has the ability to provide a summation of all your perceptions. Such intuitions can inform you of certain subtleties that are beyond your present notice.

Liberating intuition through stillness practice

For this very reason it is sometimes hard to pin down the source of intuition; for instance, you may often find yourself wondering where the intuitions are coming from, or how much you can trust them. And here is where a practice of stillness—by quieting the usual intention to always grasp hold of something—allows your present consciousness to relax, thereby permitting this broader superconscious field to lead you back to perceptions that in turn give rise to new intuitions.

This is similar to what we have called your home base: the transcendent home within your being that you can visit from time to time to find reassurance and rest. You are probably already touching on this place often during your day, but only half-consciously. Think of the times, for example, when you are facing a complex problem whose components you may understand, but you are not sure where to start. You have learned to just clear your mind for a moment and make room for something to suggest itself, rather than worrying or getting anxious in the face of such complexity. You relaxed and trusted in something, but what? What is it in you that you are trusting to suggest a solution? This is your larger mind. You touch upon it by relaxing and clearing your ordinary awareness. This is one way of touching home base.

So, what we are suggesting in your stillness practice is that you intentionally stay at home base and just enjoy the feeling of existing—of simply being aware you have a body and a mind, and thanking God for your life. Ordinarily, of course, your procedure is just touch and go; you touch home base only long enough to get the next good idea, and off you go again. For, you are like an active, busy animal—which is part of being a human being. Stillness suggests a departure from this busy animal life: You not only touch upon home base to get a good idea or to discover the next step to take, but you linger awhile. For this reason, some schools of meditation suggest you begin by keeping a pencil and pad of paper handy to jot down those good ideas, so that your fear of losing them does not become such a distraction that you lose your place.

When you practice stillness you are going somewhat against the grain of the deep instinct to keep moving. You can see how this is an assertion of your full humanity, of the spiritual dimensions of your personality that set you apart from the animal kingdom. And there is no denying that this is an exercise of willpower, to return to home base and not act immediately upon the great ideas that can occur to you there. This is what makes it a deepening experience, for it is a spiritual effort that leads to a spiritual ability. It’s like growing pure potential, not the potential to do some specific thing, but pure potential itself, pure spiritual willpower. For it is in incubating this willpower highly consciously that enables you to rest and recharge yourself by not immediately using it.

Gaining access to the Spirit of Truth

This is also where my Spirit of Truth comes in; this is how you access me. As various ideas and feelings and possibilities come to you here at home base, you use my power of spirit to sort them out, to feel for what has the greater reality, the greater possibility of coming to fruition. These are all very subtle feelings, these spiritual evaluations. This is why my Spirit of Truth has been known as the Comforter, because over and above a desire to find the truth are those wonderful moments when you are assured of having it.

As you might put it: This is where everything “clicks.” Everything comes into a beautiful alignment. Your own personal creativity finds support from Mother Spirit’s Adjutant of Wisdom; here, your soul suggests that a new idea is really possible and in accord with what you know to be true. My Spirit of Truth then puts the final seal of approval upon it. All of this you recognize as a kind of depth, an assurance that yes, this is going to work.

The search for truth is a wonderful thing, my children. Truth is not only an ideal and something to hope for and to work towards; it is also something to courageously test, something to apply to God’s greater creation and then have the further courage to be open to the results: to engage with reality and accept deeply what it is telling you.

This process has no end, for as you alone have limitations, if your orientation is being open and willing to accept what the greater creation is feeding back to you, there is no limit to how much you can grow. This is the real stuff of life. This is the genuine reward of temporal success along the way to eternity. This is returning home, not just to touch and go, but to linger awhile. Can you feel the broad peacefulness here? Won’t you stay awhile?
Come, be in my peace.