Media coverage (Jerry Lane)

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Enjoy this media coverage for Jerry Lane’s work.
Jerry is the principal author of the Adventure of Being Human
series highlighted at this website.


A lucid 30-minute recorded Skye interview with Sheila, a healer and artist.


This is a very strong and joyful dialog by two kindred spirits.

This in-depth interview on Hundredth Monkey Radio is especially
helpful for those entirely new to the Urantia Revelation.


 This two-part interview with esotericist Rob Potter of
Victory of the Light Radio gets into more advanced issues:
Part I interview
Part II Interview

This interview in 2013 with renowned host
Randy Maugams (Off-Planet Radio) covers Jerry’s first book.

Here Jerry is interviewed for 90 minutes by Global Illuminations
on BlogTalkRadio. (Click the audio “bug” on the right side)

Here Jerry is interviewed for two hours on the “Tough Reality” program
by Mike Aimisegger of LMN Network on BlogTalkRadio.
(Click the audio “bug” on the right side)

Jerry is interviewed on The Whole Agenda Radio, a show that focuses
on the truth that has been kept from us by the powers-that-be.

Here is a very informative interview Greg R. Miller with Jerry
on UFO Paranormal Radio Network.

The very alert Rebecca Jernigan interviews Jerry
for one hour on the Rebecca Radio Show.

Here’s a strong interview of Jerry by Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio.
(It’s two hours long, so give it time to download.)