Jerry Lane bio

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Jerry Lane is a retired carpenter and project foreman with a master’s degree in creative writing from San Francisco State University. Long ago and far away he was a platoon commander for the U.S. Marines in Vietnam. Jerry has transmitted several hundred lessons from Christ Michael and Mother Spirit over a period of many years. He resides in Mill Valley, CA.

Jerry was raised on a farm in the rolling, half-forested country of Eastern Ohio, surrounded by machinery and animals. After a great small-town high school, he headed to Cleveland for college where, after attending classes during the days, he worked the midnight shift on the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, reading a book a night and dreaming of worldly adventures up in his interlocking control tower. One morning his adventurous spirit moved him to sign up for the Marine Corps, and after graduating from college, become an infantry officer, first in Quantico, Virginia and then Camp Pendleton, California. In 1965 his battalion received orders to head to the Far East where he served as a platoon commander in Vietnam during the early months of the war.

Back in the states, Jerry lived in San Francisco and Marin County, enjoying the heady days of psychedelic music, motorcycles, and the ladies. He eventually settled down, got married, and became a carpenter to support a family. Later he lived in Berkeley for a few years, and then settled back in Marin, working in San Francisco remodeling old Victorian homes as a project foreman leading large construction crews.

A long-time Urantia Book student, in 2004 Jerry began transmitting teachings from Christ Michael and Mother Spirit as part of the worldwide movement known as the Teaching Mission. These lessons are designed to amplify the spiritual and cosmological teachings of The Urantia Book, and several hundred of Jerry’s transmissions from then to the present can be found archived at

Jerry continues to offer monthly transmissions of Christ Michael and Mother Spirit to a group at his home, as well as by way of the so-called Lightline teleconferences. The Adventure of Being Human (Origin Press, 2012) is Jerry’s first book, covering the best lessons he received from both of them during the first two years of his service. The Adventure of Being Human II (Origin Press, 2015) provides a selection of another set of these transmissions, only this time exclusively from Mother Spirit.