What made these people
fans of the Urantia Book?

Urantia celebs

Find out by viewing exclusive YouTube footage
of the historic
“Evolutionary Revelation” Conference,
as it is released in the coming weeks.


75-minute introductory talk by Byron Belitsos 
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Two veteran Urantia students on
living a life with epochal revelation
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Robert Kraft, PhD on soulful living
with the Urantia Revelation
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BB speaks at EVR-wide shot

What’s in this footage?
The installments will contain numerous introductory presentations on
Urantian cosmology, history, philosophy, spirituality and more,
by some of the world’s leading Urantia experts.

Featuring: Jeffrey Wattles, PhD, Byron Belitsos, Phil Calabrese PhD,
Halbert Katzen, Bob Kraft PhD, Errol Strider, Meredith Tenney, Chuck Thurston
Special respondent: Dr. Ted Peters, emeritus professor of theology at UC Berkeley



The videos contain professionally shot footage of two full days
of speakers on June 14-15, 2014 in Marin County, CA
Click HERE to see the roster of expert speakers.
Click HERE to see conference program.


“I was quite amazed, surprised, and impressed at what I learned
and experienced about the Urantia Book and the many aspects of it’s teaching.” – E.K.

BB speaks at EVR-close up