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The Adventure of Being Human NBA


Jerry Lane is a retired carpenter and project foreman with a masters degree in creative writing who has transmitted lessons from Michael and Mother for the last eight years.

Byron Belitsos is an award-winning publisher who has been editor of many acclaimed books, including The Center Within and A Return to Healing. Both are long-time students of The Urantia Book who reside in Marin County, CA.


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October 1, 2012New Book Announcement  

The Adventure of Being Human:
Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation  

Transmited by Jerry Lane • Edited by Byron Belitsos

$14.95 trade paperback • 257 pages • with glossary and appendices
October 2012 • Origin Press • 9781931254243 •

An Unprecedented Offering of Celestial Wisdom from Our “Heavenly Parents”
—An Updated “Gospel” for Our Time

The living Jesus that we encounter in the New Testament loved to teach and heal ordinary people in everyday settings, often by using simple metaphors and stories that could reach the common people of those days. Two thousand years later, according to The Adventure of Being Human: Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation (Origin Press/Celstia, October 2012), Christ is using a similar manner of approach: He’s teaching regular folks, but this time via “transmissions” from Jerry Lane, a retired carpenter and an advanced student of The Urantia Book—and he’s instructing us in a humble setting, Jerry’s living room in northern California. Jesus is updating his ancient biblical teachings—speaking cordially but with authority about such topics such as:

• the unfathomable preciousness and infinitude of each human person
• our true human nature: body, mind, soul, spirit, and personality
• how our soul grows through experience—and is expressed as our “character”
• our inner “home base”—and how to locate it reliably in stillness or prayer
• the true meaning of our pain and adversity in the human adventure

Gracious Lessons that Shed Light on Soulful Living

The lessons supplied in The Adventure of Being Human are adapted to the unique problems in our times, and the result is this selection of carefully edited transcripts that represent the first of eight years of sessions with a small group of students. Each short lesson received by this group was followed by a revealing question and answer session. In essence, The Adventure of Being Human provides a record of the divine response to adult men and women from various walks of life who can be said to represent all of us, much like the average people that Jesus taught two millennia ago. Meanwhile, this volume also pursues two related objectives:

• To amplify the corespiritual teachings of The Urantia Book, a purported revelatory text first published in 1955. The lengthy Urantia Revelation has quietly sold over one million copies worldwide and is now translated into 12 languages. It provides a new cosmology for our age, and also offers a 700+ page biography of Jesus claimed to be based on the angelic record of his life on earth.

• To not only introduce the controversial Urantia Book-version of Christ, but also to acquaint readers for the very first time with his “divine feminine” counterpart, whose existence is one of the supreme revelations of the Urantia text. She is affectionately known to us as “Mother Spirit.”

Thus, in practice, there are actually two deity-personalities who offer us their divine wisdom in The Adventure of Being Human. Again, they are known as “Mother Spirit” and as “Christ Michael” (or “Michael”), who is known to history as the human Jesus Christ. As taught in the Urantia text, Michael and Mother Spirit are our “universe parents”—in fact, Mother Spirit can be thought of as the heavenly consort and the co-equal deity-partner of Michael. Michael and Mother Spirit also maintain, by virtue of their divine omniscience, loving and intimate contact with their sons and daughters.

The Adventure of Being Human and the Urantia Revelation

What, then, is the Urantia Revelation? Purported to be a modern revelation to humankind, The Urantia Book comes across at first glance as a two-thousand-page futuristic encyclopedia of spirituality, history, philosophy, science, and religion. The teachings spread out among the book’s 2,096 pages greatly augment our understanding of ethics, health, happiness, love, service, forgiveness, mercy, friendship, marriage, and spirituality—topics that Michael and Mother further discuss with elegance in The Adventure of Being Human.

Among many other teachings, the Urantia Revelation provides a novel definition of what it means to be human against the backdrop of its vastly expanded cosmology. The Adventure of Being Human is designed to be a friendly, warm, personable, and interactive extension of this same quest for a better understanding of our humanity. After all, what better way to appreciate ourselves than from the standpoint of the very divine beings who created us?

The Adventure of Being Humanalso introduces the unique Urantian cosmology as well as the new revelatory phenomenon known as the Teaching Mission, of which our work is a small part. A personal prologue as well as an Afterword written by the transmitter-receiver of these unique teachings, Jerry Lane, are included. The book is edited by Byron Belitsos, who is the award-winning publisher of Origin Press, the leading publisher of books about the Urantia Revelation. The entirety of raw transcripts of these transmissions is available online. A glossary of terms and other background material is provided at the end of the volume.  ###

The Adventure of Being Human

Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation

14.95 trade paperback • 257 pages • with glossary and appendices
Pub date: October 2012 • Origin Press/Celestia
Evolving-Souls.orgISBN 9781931254243

Publicity Contact: Eileen Duhné • 415.459.2573 •